The Power of Curiosity

by Mike Sententia on May 22, 2017

I have a new resolution: Follow my curiosity at least one day a week. Here’s why.


My Best Tool for Learning Energy (And Everything Else)

by Mike Sententia on May 15, 2017

Here’s what I do when I notice I’m confused, and how it helps me learn faster.


Many energy exercises cheat & always succeed. Gives a false sense of mastery, creates resistance to exercises that lead to true mastery.


Designing an Event for Science-Loving Energy Workers

by Mike Sententia on April 24, 2017

The marketing, exercises, and design of the Energy Geek Meetup.


A friend got great results in a sigil class. Then it stopped working. Here’s how we fixed it.


Enhanced Cognition via Advanced Energy Techniques

by Mike Sententia on April 9, 2017

I’ve been developing techniques for 10 years to make my mind work better. Here’s how they work.


The 3 Main Techniques I Use to Feel Energy

by Mike Sententia on April 3, 2017

Here are the techniques I use to feel energy, so you can learn to feel energy more precisely too.


When talking with spirits, how do you know if the message is from the spirit, or if it’s your own thoughts?

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What I’m Learning from Creating Sensations with Energy

by Mike Sententia on March 13, 2017

Last week I tested a technique for creating sensations with energy. Here’s what I learned.

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Crystals and Energy: A Placebo-Controlled Exercise

by Mike Sententia on March 6, 2017

An easy exercise to be sure you’re feeling the crystal’s energy (and not placebo).

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