My Self-Initiation into Direct Magick

Picture of Mike Sententia

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Hi, I’m Mike Sententia. In the early 90s, I set out to answer two questions:

  • Why do so many systems of magick — from Thelema to Reiki to psychic intuitions — produce such similar results: Manifesting, healing and a few others?
  • What happens after your ritual or visualization to actually drive the change in the world?

As a teen in a strict atheist household, I couldn’t research Hermetics, Chaos Magick, or other established styles. (This was the early days of AOL.) So, I wound up developing a new style from the ground up.

I started by telling stories about how magick might work. Maybe connections behave this way, maybe energy behaves that way. A story for each building block. I was just guessing at first, but with each story, I’d develop a new technique. When it worked, I’d explore those building blocks further. When it didn’t, I’d removed that part from my model, and tell a different story.

Twenty years later, I have a useful model. It focuses on consciously guiding magick’s building blocks as they produce the desired change, rather than using rituals, symbols or focused intent to broadcast your goal, then letting your unconscious figure out how to make that goal happen. I call it “direct magick,” since we directly interact with the building blocks.

Direct magick ignores a lot of standard magick practices. Chaos magick tells you to forget what your sigils mean, but direct magick strives to make everything conscious. Most styles use rituals, but direct magick hardly uses any. I didn’t set out to be contrarian, but this is the natural consequence of developing everything from a fresh start. That’s what I mean by “rebooting magick.”

You can use direct magick as your only style of magick, or combine it with other styles. I love exploring new models with readers, so please don’t be shy.

These days, in addition to exploring my two questions, I have a few other projects:

  • Developing magick results on par with modern medicine and other sciences. I call those results “genuinely amazing,” to contrast them with results that are amazing only because we secretly expected nothing, and got enough to show ourselves that magick is real. It’s a work in progress, but I’ve developed some promising preliminary techniques.
  • Figuring out how to teach direct magick through writing, rather than just in person, and turning that into a book. (You’ll find a lot of that writing on this blog.)
  • Long-term, I intend to build magick into a mature, respectable discipline, so we can merge magick with medicine and the other sciences, get thousands of researchers involved, and make everyone’s lives better.

Interested? Here’s how to get started: